Become a Mentor

mentorWe have many amazing women looking for mentorship to help them make the right decisions while growing their business and improving their lives.

Most of us have had a supervisor, a boss or coach who has made a positive difference in our lives. Those people wore many hats. They acted as, delegators, role models, cheerleaders, policy enforcers, advocates, and friends. As a mentor you will wear these same hats.

Mentors understand the need to assume a number of different roles during the course of a mentoring relationship, but successful Prettygirl mentors also share the same basic qualities:

  • A sincere desire to be involved with a young businesswoman.
  • Active listener.
  • Empathy.
  • See solutions and opportunities.
  • Be flexible and open.

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Provide us with an insight into how you would like to help and we will speak to you further about a project to suit your interests.

We appreciate your submission and look forward to finding a mutually beneficial relationship for you as a mentor.