Help a Girl


Supporting a Pretty Girl and a Pretty Girl’s project is a satisfying and enjoyable way to become involved in a dream, meet new people and find new opportunities.

As a donor, you are making a dream come true. Like most worthwhile goals in life, the Pretty Girls in the projects we help fund just need a little help, a bit of support and ultimately the strength that comes with the passion they hold with in themselves, combined with the confidence the support you provided gives them. Find projects that interest you and girls you find intriguing, you have the chance to make an impact they won’t soon forget.

Become a Mentor

If you aim to achieve more, then participating in our mentor program is a great way to meet the girls, impart your extensive knowledge and make a direct impact on the success of their projects. Pretty Girls have projects ranging from business startups to educational goals – so there is bound to be a project you can profoundly improve if you want to be involved.

CLICK HERE to register your interest in becoming a mentor, and we will speak to you further about what it is YOU want to achieve from the program.