Who We Are


Pretty Girl Funding is the first organization to focus solely on helping females secure both the capital and mentors needed to fulfill their dreams.

Our motto, “Invest in a girl’s dream, watch her change the world,” has already had remarkable results.  We have funded and provided advice on many projects that have progressed from “just an idea” to “making a real difference.”  We help females realize their dreams by raising money, making connections and acting as an advisory board to assure success.

Funding is raised in three distinct ways:

1)    Crowdfunding, where many anonymous donors contribute various amounts of money direct to your bank account

2)    Personal introductions to our network of angel investors, who can help you achieve your dream

3)    Sponsored events designed to raise money and create excitement for your dream

Pretty Girl Funding raises money for women who want to pursue any type of life goal.  For example, she may want a higher education, a career as an entertainer or an athlete, a chance to start a unique business or possibly a charity endeavor.  In addition to raising money, we support their dream with industry experts and connections who give advice and guidance to ensure success.  We believe that given the right resources these women can impact the world.

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